Not all services are available in all locations.

Routine Check-Up

Your annual check-up will be scheduled to allow 30-60 minutes so that you have maximum time with your clinician. During this time, you will assess your health and plan for optimal health and make goals for the coming year.

Problem Visits

Need help with a new health condition or problem? Schedule a visit. Problem visits are scheduled to allow you extra time with a health care provider to make sure you receive adequate care and attention.

Contraception and Family Planning


Find the right plan for YOUR life, fertility goals, and future. Your plans and your needs are paramount, and you are in the driver's seat of your birth control needs.

Telemedicine Visits

Get prompt health care, no matter where you are! Telehealth visits are covered by most insurances with a small co-pay.

STI risk assessment and exposure planning

Do you have specific or unusual needs regarding your STI exposure? Develop an individualized plan to protect yourself and your partners. Discuss which vaccines protect against STIs, whether PrEP is appropriate for you, and more!

Hormone Assessment and Therapy

Learn about what your body is doing and what it may need. Menopause or transitioning create many changes to your body.


LGBTQ Health

Hormone therapy, check ups, fertility planning, other concerns.

Harm Reduction

PEP, PrEP, other health concerns and health maintenance to meet your goals.

First Trimester Medication Abortion

Available via telehealth only in VA, MD, and ME. Available in Maryland office location.

Lifestyle Medicine

Frequent testing needs, safety consultation, other concerns.

House Calls - coming soon!

Have us come directly to your home, office, or other location designated by you. All you have to do is make sure to leave us a place to park, and we come to you. Skip the waiting room, and maintain your privacy.

Read about men's health services (click here)

Special Events - coming soon!

Join a few of your friends for your pap smear, STI testing, or other health visits. Held at your custom location, visits are held separately from the group gathering in a private room. Terms and conditions apply. All clients must be vaccinated for COVID-19.