Medication Abortion at MAAPH

There is help. Early, safe abortion with pills is available by telemedicine through Metro Area Advanced Practice Healthcare.

Medication Abortion at MAAPH | Abortion Intake Form | Abortion Resources and FAQ

Metro Area Advanced Practice Healthcare is committed to increasing access and reducing barriers to all types of healthcare including abortion. We offer medication abortions with pills to people who are in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Medication abortion has been linked with higher patient satisfaction due to being able to self administer in your own home. Due to the COVID pandemic, many states and the FDA have waived the requirement to be seen in a medical clinic for your medication abortion.

We are able to provide this service in the following areas:

Via telemedicine - shipped to you or someone you trust in Maryland, Virginia, or Maine.

  • You can either do a video visit, phone visit, or asynchronous visit (where your information is sent to us for review).
  • Your pills will be sent by our partner pharmacy, Honeybee Health.

Via house call visit - in Maryland or Northern Virginia within 15 miles of Washington, DC. Requires transportation fee.

To get registered, go to the link at the bottom of this page. We will respond with your intake forms and consent forms to fill out. If you request an appointment, we will send you a confirmation of the date and time you requested and review your forms with you at that time. If you do not need an appointment, we review your forms and send you all resources and information on how to pay, and then follow up with your tracking information.

This service is not currently covered by insurance, and costs $150 including medications and medical support as needed. If you are unable to pay this amount, we are able to work with you. There is a place to indicate this on your forms, and we do not invoice or charge you for anything at all until we are about to ship your medications out. This means if you have a telehealth appointment and then decide not to have an abortion, or you are found to have risk factors that make it unsafe, you do not get charged for anything.

Medication Abortion at MAAPH | Abortion Intake Form | Abortion Resources and FAQ